Complex eCommerce Tracking in Nationbuilder

The tech used in this post is outdated, but the solution is the same. In the future I'll update this article with an implementation for GA4.

The goal of this setup was to (as accurately as possible) report Nationbuilder donations to Google Analytics.

Developers note: the snippets in this post are from an older attempt to do eCommerce tracking in GA. They were done under conditions that no longer apply in some circumstances, specifically:

  1. We were using Universal Analytics at the time. Both GA4 and Google Tag Manager are better tools to solve this problem now.
  2. Some of the early code was written before Nationbuilder supported full site SSL certificates -- so we had to configure our donation page URLs as cross-domain tracking. That is no longer an issue.

If nothing else, the logic written in Liquid may be useful when trying to implement this going forward.

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Common Date/Time Manipulations Using Liquid in Nationbuilder

Recently I had a client ask me to do something I'm shocked I've never been asked to do. They wanted to display the start time of an event in both Eastern time and Pacific time. I figured this has to be something that is commonly wanted/needed. So here it goes.

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Adding a Automatic Google Calendar Link to an Event in Nationbuilder

A common feature of event pages is to have a link in which an end user can quickly add said event to their Google Calendar. Below is a snippet of HTML/Liquid code that does that in an updated way, taking full advantage of new and improved Nationbuilder page and event variables. The snippet also uses a full ranges of prepopulated fields that Google Calendar supports. I hope you enjoy this quick fix, and if this helped you out -- please consider sharing this article on social media.


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Choosing the Right CRM Platform

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

Most standard CRMs allow for the creation of custom reports, tracking of supporter engagement, and fine-tuned targeting, and also allow for A/B testing of subject lines, quick and automatic reports on email statistics, and customized themes. A quality option will offer a variety of ways to engage supporters via petitions, donations, surveys, etc.

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Custom Calculations and Displays for the Nationbuilder Progress Bar

Sometimes the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network helps facilitate chesed project leading up to Bar/Bat Mitzvah's for interested individuals. In this particular case, Fisher Angrist wanted to organize a food drive with packages of kits containing the ingredients for Challah in order to donate them to needy families with the help of Masbia. Longleaf Digital was able to assist by creating a custom display for Fisher's landing page - showing not only the typical progress bar, but a special one that displays the amount of "Challah kits" raised so far.

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Monthly Recurring Donor Ask Modal for Actionkit

Just recently we were excited to launch a new custom feature developed for ActionKit donation pages, the recurring ask modal.

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Choosing The Right CMS

Have you ever spent what feels like an eternity researching the correct tools for your organization, and just ended up feeling like it was just a big blur? Let us help you sort things out.

Read more - Purim Campaign 2018

For the Purim season in 2018, Longleaf Digital created a series of custom, inter-working landing pages for Masbia Soup Kitchen's annual Purim campaign.

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12/13 Blackout for Dreamers

Later today (12/13/2017) at 5pm ET, several businesses, non-profit, academia, social, and religious organizations will all participate in a website blackout calling for justice for Dreamers and the need for Congress to pass the Dream Act before the end of the year.

Read more - Tzimmes Campaign 2017

In September 2017 Longleaf Digital launched a special campaign for Rosh Hashana on behalf of Masbia Soup Kitchen Network. Masbia Soup Kitchen Network's emergency food programs serve over 2 million meals a year in two main categories; They serve roughly 100,000 hot, sit down dinners to clients at their restaurant like soup kitchens across NYC, and the rest in emergency care packages with the equivalent of 9 meals worth of groceries for every member of the family. The “Tzimmes” campaign of 2017 served as the culmination of a massive digital fundraising effort.

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