Monthly Recurring Donor Ask Modal for Actionkit

Just recently we were excited to launch a new custom feature developed for ActionKit donation pages, the recurring ask modal.

The purpose of this tool is to ask users who are already willing to convert as donors, to consider being sustaining (or recurring) monthly donors. The donation page itself is set-up like any other, but present the user with a fork in their payment workflow once the donation button is click (and all their payment information is verified).


The modal you see above is presented to the user asking them to choose a path forward. Selecting “No thanks, process my one-time [amount] gift” will automatically trigger the current one-time donation as the user intended with minimal other blocks to prevent them from reconsidering their donation. Including the amount they chose only the button also prevents confusion about what they are agreeing to charge to their card.

Selecting “Yes” will automatically trigger the recurring payment and charge the first payment in that monthly plan immediately. For the example here, that amount is $5.00 per month. That amount is determined through some logic we have set-up. For this particular campaign, if a user chooses more than a $20 one-time donation they are asked to make a $5 monthly donation instead unless they select more than a $50 one-time donation. At this point they are asked to make a monthly gift equal to 10% of their one-time donation (eg. $52.00 one-time selected, $5.20 per month ask).

Our hope is that we will be able to selectively used this to increase monthly sustainers on campaigns that we feel will drive them. At the moment it’s implementation is so new we don’t have any data towards it’s effectiveness. Hopefully we will be able to provide that update in the future!

If your organization wants to implement a similar tool or has plans for other custom additions to your action pages feel free to contact [email protected] for more information about custom development for digital outreach tools.