- Purim Campaign 2018

For the Purim season in 2018, Longleaf Digital created a series of custom, inter-working landing pages for Masbia Soup Kitchen's annual Purim campaign.


These pages were built on the standard Masbia model to drive online engagement through interactivity and ease-of-use. There are two particularly advanced methods employed on this campaign:

  1. All of the interactive elements are custom-built as part of a standalone campaign theme. They not only function as an invitation to get users involved in the elements of the campaign, but they integrate fully with Nationbuilder's donation page options.
  2. The custom progress bar. During the Purim season Masbia receives donations of all kinds and methods. We wanted this to be reflected in the campaign's public progress. Therefore the progress bar used here is equipped to display all donations received as part of this campaign - not simply the gifts made on one specific donation page.